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Choose Your Service!

We offer you the option to choose what level of service you're comfortable with.  A free in-home consult is available with the first 2 levels.  

Level 1 is Traditional Full service and is Dunkirk Blinds' classic approach, where we take care of everything.

Level 2 is designed for those customers who are comfortable handling their own installations, and may also enjoy the savings that come along with it. Dunkirk Blinds will have your window treatments shipped directly to you.

Level 3 makes sense if you already know exactly what you want and are ready to do it yourself (DIY), but you just need to buy some window treatments.  Level 3 service would be similar to you purchasing your window treatments direct from an online retailer or big box store. Level 3 self service is the most economical choice, and only requires you to call and place your order with Dunkirk Blinds.

Our goal is to provide you with the best value and customer service.  Thank you for your trust in Dunkirk Blinds! 



Dunkirk Blinds Values Customer Service

We value customer service.  We will work with you from start to finish and will stand behind our product and service well after the job is complete.  We're local and easy to reach and are happy to assist you, our customer, before, during and after your window treatment solution is done.   Here's a quick overview of how it'll work:

1. Starts with your interest and contacting Dunkirk Blinds.  You may just have a simple question - and if we don't have an immediate answer, we'll find out and call you back.

2. If you're comfortable with us - we schedule an appointment to come visit with you at your home or office to look at product samples, discuss colors and other options, & chat about your unique window treatment solution.

3. If you're comfortable with us, and the product, we'll take some quick measurements and provide you with a quote.  

4. If you're comfortable with us, and the product, and the quote - then we've helped you find value.  This is important and critical before moving on to the next step. 

5. You see value in Dunkirk Blinds and are ready to place an order.  Thank you for your trust.  We fine tune our measurements (we want them to be right!).

6.  We review your order with you to ensure it's all correct.  Then, the order is placed to make your custom treatments.

7.  Once your custom treatments are finished being made, we will schedule a date to return and perform the installation.

8.  After installation - your window treatment solution for your home is complete - but your relationship with Dunkirk Blinds is not. We stand behind our product and service.  This means that you may call us anytime after we've completed the installation.  If you have questions or concerns about the product or service - we'll help you as best we can for your satisfaction.  

Dunkirk Blinds values Customer Service!