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Why Motorize your window blinds or shades? 

~ Added Convenience:  Consider other home systems you probably already have that are automated such as your garage door, thermostat, security system or your lawn irrigation system.  Simply put, motorized blinds or shades will make your daily life easier.  With the push of a button from a wall switch or hand held remote, you can lower or raise your motorized window treatments all at once, or program them to operate individually.

~ Future proof your window treatment investment:  New window treatments are a home investment, like buying furniture.  As technology progresses and many homeowners are automating their homes, you can be ready by motorizing your window treatments.  

~ Energy Efficiency:  Motorized window treatments can be programmed to control interior heat gain—they rise and lower at optimum times of day, depending on the season to accomplish both of those goals. (just like a programmable thermostat).

~ Safety and Privacy: You can use automatic timers to lower window coverings at night or while away from home, for added home security.  Motorization also eliminates cords, which can be a safety hazard for small children and pets.